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We are obsessed with growing a large online selection of Minnesota vacation rentals. Our Narrow Your Search Tool and Google Interactive Map make it easy and fun to find a group of properties that fit your needs. Keep an eye on this website and watch our selection grow.

Did you know that online travel agencies like VRBO, FlipKey and Booking.com charge renters to book through their websites? Did you know that aggregator websites like HomeToGo and TripAdvisor only compare travel websites whose listings include rental upcharges to cover booking commissions and up to 30% in traveler fees? RentMinnesotaCabins.com is free to use! You always connect and book DIRECTLY with Minnesota vacation rental owners or local property managers assuring the lowest rental rate. Besides, Minnesota cabin owners and local managers are your best tour guides, not booking website call centers.

  • Every property listing has a Details Page. Compare rentals here, then book directly with rental owners and save.
  • New vacation rentals are being added every month
  • Sign up and download vacation rental specials
  • Our "Narrow Your Search" Tool lets you enter travel criteria. When you click the Update Map or Show Listings button, we will gather all the property listings that meet your needs. Or, dive right in to the Google map and ZOOM IN to your favorite town or lake and compare Minnesota vacation rentals in that area.


"We are both retired so we have open schedules. Planning our 2-3 day stay using your website was refreshingly easy compared to other sites. We liked that we could talk to the cabin owner before booking it."
edmond beaudry

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RentMinnesotaCabins.com enjoys a page one ranking when vacationers search for MN vacation cabins using high-traffic keywords like: rent Minnesota cabins; Minnesota cabins; vacation cabins in Minnesota. In fact, over 90% of our visits come from organic search. Get your rentals on our Minnesota Map.

  • Every MN rental unit has its own listing and details page.
  • Property listing(s) are managed by you through an easy to use Property Manager. BONUS! We set up each listing for new members - no additional charge.
  • It’s called unbeatable customer service
  • Professional marketing services - joint advertising opportunities
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  • Your annual analytics report shows the number of listing visits from renters, visits to your property website, social pages, and number of quality inquiries.
  • We are passionate about promoting Minnesota vacation rentals. This passion stems from the founder who grew up next door at family-owned cabin-resort in Land O' Lakes, Wisconsin

Property listings automatically "shuffle" with every visit or page refresh. Your listing is never stuck at the bottom of search results, and you are not asked to pay more to appear at the top.

We understand the role vacation rentals play in creating vacation memories for families and friends. Part of our mission is to make renters more aware of the vacation experience only found in MN cabins, cottages, lodges, resorts and homes.


"I am having good success with bookings on my first year on your site. At this rate I certainly will be renewing my subscription with you, and may be able to get off VRBO, which is my goal."
Sharron FitzGerald
Sand Lake Cottage

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What is RentMinnesotaCabins.com and why do people use it?

RentMinnesotaCabins.com is a website that helps people find and book cabin rentals in Minnesota. The website features a variety of cabin rentals across the state, ranging from rustic cabins to luxury cabins and everything in between. People use RentMinnesotaCabins.com to find a cabin rental that suits their needs and preferences, whether they are looking for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a fishing trip with friends.

There are several reasons why people choose to use RentMinnesotaCabins.com when searching for cabin rentals in Minnesota. Firstly, the website provides a one-stop-shop for people who are looking for cabin rentals across the state. Instead of spending hours searching through various websites and listings, they can find a wide selection of cabins on RentMinnesotaCabins.com that they can book with the owner or local manager.

Secondly, RentMinnesotaCabins.com provides detailed information about each cabin rental, including photos, descriptions, videos, and amenities. This helps potential renters to get a better idea of what to expect from each cabin, making it easier for them to choose a rental that meets their needs.

Meet Joe Mogensen, Founder of ItsCabinTime.com

From One Cabin to a Nationwide Phenomenon: The Success Story of ItsCabinTime.com

Joe Mogensen, a passionate entrepreneur, is the visionary founder behind the remarkable success story of ItsCabinTime.com. What began as a humble venture with just one cabin listing on RentWisconsinCabins.com has rapidly transformed into a thriving business that now boasts a network of 12 regional websites, collectively featuring nearly 2,000 vacation rentals across the United States.

The Genesis of ItsCabinTime.com

The story of ItsCabinTime.com is a testament to Joe's determination and love for the great outdoors. As an avid nature enthusiast, Joe recognized the growing demand for unique, comfortable, and memorable vacation rentals, especially cabins nestled in the heart of America's most picturesque landscapes. Armed with a vision to connect travelers with these hidden gems, Joe launched RentWisconsinCabins.com, initially focused on showcasing cabin rentals in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

Expanding Horizons, One Region at a Time

With a solid foundation in place, Joe's business acumen and dedication led to the creation of a multi-regional network. Each of the 12 regional websites, expertly curated by Joe and his team, offers a comprehensive directory of vacation rentals in various states, making it easier for travelers to find their dream getaway.

A Trusted Resource for Vacation Seekers

ItsCabinTime.com is more than just a collection of websites; it's a trusted resource for vacation seekers, helping them discover the perfect lodging in their desired locations. What sets ItsCabinTime.com apart is a unique differentiator: guests can book directly with owners or local managers, effectively bypassing the costly fees associated with platforms like VRBO, Airbnb, and Booking.com. This commitment to cost savings is a game-changer for travelers, making their dream getaways even more affordable and accessible.

Building a Community of Cabin Lovers

Beyond offering a vast selection of vacation rentals, Joe's dedication to fostering a community of cabin lovers is evident in the content, tips, and resources provided on ItsCabinTime.com. The platform not only connects travelers with their ideal vacation spots but also shares valuable insights and inspiration for a fulfilling outdoor experience.

A Growing Legacy

As ItsCabinTime.com continues to expand and evolve, it stands as a testament to Joe Mogensen's entrepreneurial spirit, love for nature, and commitment to providing travelers with unforgettable escapes. With each passing year, the business has grown, bringing joy to countless families, friends, and adventurers in search of a unique vacation experience.

The Future of ItsCabinTime.com

The journey is far from over, and ItsCabinTime.com is poised for even greater growth and success under Joe Mogensen's dedicated leadership. With a foundation built on passion, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to quality, there's no doubt that the future holds exciting opportunities for ItsCabinTime.com and the community of cabin enthusiasts it serves.


Joe Mogensen's ItsCabinTime.com is not just a business; it's a gateway to unforgettable adventures, a testament to the beauty of the American landscape, and a celebration of the joy found in the great outdoors. It's a story of growth, passion, and a commitment to making cabin time affordable again.

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